Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneak Preview May-Aug 2011 Classes: What's new? What's Hot? What's No.1?

We are furiously finalising our May to Aug class calender this very moment. This is a sneak preview of what's coming up. Sharing At 19's What's new? What's Hot? What's No.1?

Details will be out end Apr on our website http://www.at19culinary.com/ plus NEW Contests!!

Nyonya Cooking in May & July (Chef Bee)
Chef Bee will be teaching popular nyonya recipes. Cincaluk Chicken, Chap Chye, Assam Prawns, Chuan2 Fish, Rendang Chicken and more in the new calender.

Malaysian Sweet Treats in May and Chinese (halal) Small Eats in June (Chef Bee)
Come and learn from Chef Bee how to make Malaysian favourite tea time treats like Kuih Ketayap, Cucur Sayur, Bubur Cha Cha, Pengat Pisang. Also Chinese Small Eats "siew sek" and "tong sui" like Yam Cake, Sweet Peanut Cream, Crispy Pancake with Pumpkin filing, Gingko Nut & Barley Sweet Soup.

Chinese (halal) cuisine (Chef Bee) in Aug and Chinese Fusion (Chef Khai) in May
By popular demand, we are introducing chinese (halal) cuisine. Chef Bee's The Chinese Banquet is fit for entertaining guests at home or if you prefer, Chef Khai's specially designed Chinese Fusion where East meets West.

Healthy Cooking Series (Dietitian CH)
Healthy Pau Series. Once a month. Weekdays. May to Aug
Dietitian CH is introducing Healthy Pau with delicious filings like chicken curry, sweet potatos, BBQ chicken, Red Bean "tau sar", Yam. Try it all each month from May to Aug.

Healthy Cooking with a Twist. Twice a month. Weekdays. May-Aug
Thank you for your feedback. We have now changed the recipes for our Healthy Cooking series to be more Malaysian and Asian influenced (instead of previously western). Beating bad cholestrol now has Hainanese Chicken Rice. Yummy! Pumpkin Glutinous Rice Balls "tong yuen", Popiah. Healthy Eating for Children has Spinach Meehoon Kueh "min fun kueh soup". Food for your Eyes has chapati wrap, sweet potato onde-onde.

Thai Cooking class in May and French Cooking class in July (Chef Khai)
Lots of requests for Chef Khai to repeat his Thai Cooking and French Cooking classes for those who missed it.

Freeze Bake Eat workshops. Two workshops every month. Weekdays and weekends. May-Aug
For those who crave for a quick way to have delicious bread and pastries in less than 15 mins. Learn tips and techniques to bake ready-made doughs to bakery perfection. Free tasting and Free loaf of bread to take home.

Flavours of Malaysia Series No.5 & 6 (Chef Khai). June & July.
What do Malay herbs, Chinese tonics and Indian spices have in common? They are all used to create great Malaysian food.
We are promoting our very own Malaysian cuisine with favourites such as Ayam Percik, Nasi Dagang, Otak-Otak, Sambal Tumis Udang and many more.

WHAT’S Our No. 1 Class?
Macaroons Series. Twice a month. Weekdays and Weekends (Decorator Han). May-Aug
This certainly needs no introduction. The delicious little sinful sweet French dessert that is the talk of the town right now. If you are mad for macaroons, come and learn how to make them hands-on. Each month we are doing different colours and flavours. Remember to check out your favourite colour and flavours this May to Aug. Simply devilicious!

Miniature Macaroons Wedding Tower. Once a month. Full Day.

Weekdays and Weekends (Decorator Han). May-Aug
The current overseas trend now is to have an enchanting Wedding Tower made from macaroons for weddings rather than tier wedding cakes or cupcakes. Come and capture the new trend in wedding cakes.

Special requirement: This is an advance macaroons class. Students who wish to join this class must have completed our macaroons series class. This is to ensure that students are of the same learning level and have mastered correct piping techniques.

GRAB IT QUICK PROMO: Join both our Macaroons class & Advance class: Miniature macaroons Wedding Tower and get additional 10% discount for both classes.

Hope to see you all soon at our culinary retreat!
P/S. If cooking is not your passion, pass this on to your family and friends.

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