Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bread & Pastries in May-Aug Calender

When we posted the sneak preview of our May-Aug class calender in our blog and Facebook, we received a number of enquiries - What about hands-on bread & pastries classes? I missed the last ones or I couldn't come the last time. When are the next ones?

Well, Baker Anan had been very busy with his work and so his class calender for May-Aug was delayed. In case you are not aware, Baker Anan only teaches once a month. So, when his classes are uploaded on the website, do book early as his classes are very popular. Here is a sneak preview:-

You will have "Fun with Bread" in May learning Japanese melon bread and Cake bread! What are these!? Find out more on our website end Apr. Discover delicious "Homemade Pies" in June. Baker Anan shows you "Bread made Easy" and learn techniques to make Two-tone Bread, Chocolate Marble Bread in July. Finally, Aug is pastries again. Come and do "Pastry like a Pro" working with puff pastry.

So, remember to look out for the launch of our new May-Aug class calender end of Apr. We will e-mail blast to all our members and those on our subscribers' list. If you are not on yet, please subscribe now at our website. We will also be having Open Days in May for you to enjoy additional discounts for class packages. For those who are new, check out our website at

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