Monday, April 11, 2011

Congratulations Free Class winners: Mar 2011

Congratulations to our Mar 2011 winners! Lalita, Cyndi and Audrey arrived early at our school on a tuesday morning to attend our Miniature Cakes class. Under the guidance of our cake decorator Han, the girls mastered the techniques to cut, cream, shape and decorate two miniature cakes to perfection. They even learnt how to make a miniature two-tier cake! The outcome was so lovely and cute! The girls had a whale of a time and enjoyed every moment of their miniature encounter! Wanna make some miniature cakes too. Come and join our class. Log on to

P/S. Audrey - Thanks for your lovely yogurt fruit cake. Nice of you to bake us a cake in appreciation of us giving you a free class.


  1. are most welcome...
    Enjoyed the class so much.The cakes were too beautiful to eat..when I finally did bring myself to eat was delicious!
    Thank you Ms.Han n Angeline!

  2. Wow! At least you braved yourself to eat it. Some of our students have no heart to eat something so cute. So, they just keep their creations in the freezer for viewing whenever they wish remind themselves of their beautiful creations!