Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Congratulations Free Class Winners: Apr 2011

Congratulations to our Free Class winners!

We invited our Apr 2011 winners, Hung Seah attended our Macaroons series 4 class on 23 Apr whilst Sharon Liew attended our Cake Mania series 4 class on 26 Apr. Our “thorn amongst the roses”, Hung Seah, enjoyed himself in the company of 3 pretty ladies learning how to make macaroons. Believe it or not, Hung Seah’s piping skills are great in spite of being a guy! Good job Hung Seah. Hope to see you at our Miniature Macaroons Wedding Tower class in May. As for Sharon Liew, she baked up a storm with other students making delicious Lemon, Chocolate Chiffon and Wholemeal Banana cakes.

If you want to try out our Macaroons or Cakes classes, check out our new May to Aug class calendar which will be on our website soon. Our next Macaroons class is on 7 May and Cakes class on 13 May.

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