Sunday, April 24, 2011

Order Gourmet Artisan Bread & Pastries from At 19

As many of you do not know that you can order gourmet artisan bread & pastries from us and bake them at home. Follow simple instructions and you will have wonderful bread loaves, bread rolls, pastries, croissants any time of the day.

Have you been in any of the following situations:-

Have friends coming over to visit last minute?
Kids feel hungry for something to eat for tea time?
Want to have quick and easy crusty bread for breakfast?
Want to make sandwiches for lunch with good quality bread?
Ran out of bread at home and had to rush out to the supermarket to buy?

Well then, fret not, help is here if you have some of our gourmet artisan bread and pastries at home. Click on to our Facebook - Order Breads & Pastries page at
and start ordering using the form provided at

If you wish to try out the bread & pastries first before making your choices, come for our Freeze Bake Eat workshops. There’s free tasting and a free loaf of bread to take home. At 19 Members pay RM20. Non-members pay RM30.

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