Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bridal Shower Party: Mad for Macaroons - 29 Mar

When Shazlina e-mailed us to conduct a class on macaroons for a class of 7, little did we know that it was for one of the girl's Bridal Shower! What a superb idea. Girls get together, chit chat, have fun on a sunday morning whilst learning a new skill and making one of the most sought after dessert cookies in town. We aptly named the private party - Mad for Macaroons! The girls, all dressed in their party theme colours, black and white as you can see from the photo (comel-comel semuanya!). Psst! Bride-to-be is in the middle of the group.

The girls learnt how to make and bake macaroons with green tea, lemon and chocolate filings. There was lots of fun and laughter during the piping session as there were all shapes and sizes of macaroons. Those who dared tested the readiness (must be beaten until stiff) of their meringue by turning the mixing bowl over their heads! Yeap, they passed (luckily..). Everyone enjoyed themselves and had lots of macaroons to take home to show off to their mak, bapak, adik-beradik, cousin-cousin, boyfriend2 semua...pasti sedap ya!


  1. Are these macarons as good as those taught at Nathalies? I rather like Nathalie but would like to try another good macaron class in KL.

  2. We are a bit different! Nathalie uses the Italian method whilst we use the French method of making the macaroons. Do come and try our macaroons class. We rather like the French method.