Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thai Cooking class - 20 Feb

Everyone loves Thai food! That was enough to motivate our students to get up early last sunday morning to come together with Chef Khai to whip up some delicious Thai cuisine. On arrival, the students enjoyed freshly baked crusty bread with coffee to start off their day.

Students learnt how to make Panang curry paste from scratch. This is the red curry paste used to make delicious Thai dishes. Using the paste they have made, the students cooked the Panang (red) curry chicken and chicken tom yom in coconut milk. Chef Khai shared with students the uses of different herbs and spices in Thai cooking and the versatility of deciding how "hot & spicy" they wanted a dish to be to suit different taste buds.

Fellow malaysians "pedas kaki", Mdm Mok, Zuriah and Jessica wanted theirs extra "pedas" whilst expats, Nadine, Joanne, Mike and Hajnalka decided to go easy on the chilis. Both versions tasted just as good. Chef Khai whipped up some Thai spring rolls as a bonus recipe for the students. Everyone enjoyed the class and went home with a bottle of their Panang curry paste for more Thai cooking at home.
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