Thursday, March 24, 2016

Back to Basics Cooking Class series

This Back to Basics Cooking class series is for serious foodies who wish to learn the basics of the different types of meat from how to cut it to how to cook it. At our Chicken from Scratch class on 28 Feb 2016, participants learnt which part of the chicken is suitable for what type of dishes and how long to cook it.

Participants also learnt everything there is to know about Chicken, joining Chef Khai in going back to basics to learn how chefs prepare and cook chicken ie. proper cleaning, chopping, slicing and deboning techniques. Learn how to cut a whole chicken from scratch, knive skills, how to debone and use different parts of the chicken to do a dish.

In this class, participants used the BREAST meat to cook a delicious Chicken Chowder, the chicken THIGH to cook an Asian style Chicken Chop and the WINGS to deep fry into crispy Chicken Boxing.

Our Fish from Scratch class is coming up on 17 Apr 2016 where participants will learn the same skills and techniques as Chicken from Scratch except this time it is Fish. In this class, participants will use the BONES and MEAT to cook a French Fish Stew, the HEAD to cook Fish Head Curry and the FILET for Fish and Chips! If you are interested, do sign up now on our website, Fish from Scratch Class.

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