Wednesday, December 31, 2014

School Holiday Classes - Nov & Dec 2014

 Teenagers Baking Away in our All About Baking Brownies Class

Mum having fun too in our Mini Gingerbread House Class

Parent & Child Bonding Time 

Mum having a great time too! 

Teenagers Cooking Away in our Hungry Boys & Girls Meal Class 

Kids having fun in our Fondant Xmas Cupcakes Class

Teenagers having some baking fun

It was that time in our class calender that we celebrate the School Holidays. We conducted teenagers' baking boot camps and parent & child classes and we must show you the photos. It is so so endearing when you see teenagers and kids having a good time and good skills too. We love conducting these school holiday classes because the children have so much fun. Children are the most creative lot. They are the first not to follow the instructor's instructions!

Looking for some bonding time with your kids or looking for interesting activities for your teenagers to do that will horn their skills. As we always say "learning to bake or cook is a life survival skill, not just a hobby". If you are interested in our teenagers and parent & child classes, our next batch of school holiday classes are in March 2015. So, don't wait, book them now on our website. For enquiries, call us at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at

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