Monday, December 1, 2014

Food Styling & Food Photography Class - 28 Nov 2014

We were very excited when the date for our 1st Food Styling and Food Photography class, aptly named "Plate to Pixel", drew near. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining bright and cheerful which was important to capture natural lighting (one of the pointers for good photography).

Our two photographers, Audrey and Michelle, were on hand to facilitate the class. Audrey started with a briefing to the participants on the 12 important pointers for food styling and photography. We can't help but noticed that our youngest participant was just 14 years old! Imam had great fun and so did the rest of the participants.

It was a very practical and hands-on class with everyone practising how to style food to make it look delicious, using natural ingredients like garlic oil. Next, out came i-pads, smart phones, SLR cameras to capture the food moments. Participants were taught how to shoot photos of the food in their best angle and lighting. Aids like reflectors and props and how to use them to take fabulous photos were explained. It was indeed a fun and fulfilling day.

For those of you who missed the class, we are running a similar class in Jan and Mar 2015. So, do look out for the dates in our new Class Calender Jan-Apr 2015 which will be up on our website after Christmas. For enquiries, you can call us at 016-377 8236.

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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the food styling class. Is it available still? Please send me the details if there is any to