Tuesday, June 18, 2013

IKEA Smales Kids' Club event - 8 June 2013

Just look at all those smiling faces. We hosted IKEA Smales Kids' Club's cupcakes baking and decorating class for their little members. There were lots of chit chattering, fun, kids telling each other what to do - "do it this way, not that way", "teacher, teacher how do you....?" Cake decorator Sandy and Baker Suraiya guided the kids aged 4 to 10, the rudiments of baking and shaping fondant into IKEA Smales mascots, Ladybird and Sara Heart.They were all so proud and happy with their creations, boys and girls alike. Great stuff! Master little chefs in the making!

Interested to do a kids' event with us, call us at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at19culinary@yahoo.com

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