Monday, September 17, 2012

The Star Cookbook Launch: Food for your Eyes - 7 Sept 2012

The much awaited "Food For Your Eyes" Cookbook was launched at At 19 Culinary Studio on 7 Sept 2012. This special cookbook highlights basic facts about common eye diseases and how food can help prevent or reduce the risk of blindness. The cookbook is co-authored by husband and wife team, Dr Kenneth Fong and Ms Goo Chui Hoong. Dr Fong is an ophthalmologist and retinal surgeon whilst Ms Goo is a dietitian. The book published by The Star Publications (M) Bhd contains over 50 delicious asian based recipes created by Ms Goo herself.

Ms Goo is a freelance culinary intsructor with At 19 Culinary Studio and she conducts healthy cooking classes. Sample dishes from the cookbook was served to guests at the launch event and everyone gave the thumbs up especially for the Onde-Onde with walnut filing. So so Yummy!

Those interested can get a copy of "Food for Your Eyes" cookbook at At 19 Culinary Studio at a special discounted price of RM32 (normal price: RM39.90).

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