Thursday, September 6, 2012

LIKE us & WIN a Cake Contest - 1 Sept to 30 Nov 2012

Hey Everyone,

Our target for 30 Nov 2012 is to have 2,300 fans on our Facebook. If you help us get to our target, we will REWARD you. The reward is a Christmas Cake worth RM108 from At 19. What do you have to do?

Simply LIKE us on Facebook. Ask your family & friends to LIKE us on Facebook.

What is the target?
If we have 2,300 Facebook fans on 30 Nov 2012, EVERYONE who is our Facebook fan stand a chance to WIN a CHRISTMAS CAKE worth RM108. Hey, how GREAT is that!? So, if you are already our Facebook fan, ask your family and friends to LIKE us.

What do you have to do?
On 1 Dec, we will announce thru our blog and Facebook whether we have achieved the target of 2,300 Facebook fans. If we have achieved the target, we will give everyone, who is our Facebook fan, 2 weeks to submit a “At 19 Tagline” to us.

The TOP 5 Taglines which BEST describes or represents At 19 Culinary Studio WINS. A Tagline is a catchy phrase. Example of Tagline – “At 19 Culinary Studio – Best Way to Cook”.

So, just click to LIKE us. You don’t have to do anything until our announcement on 1 Dec. Wait for the announcement and wait for our instructions on submission of the “At 19 Tagline” on 1 Dec 2012.

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