Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Cupcake Chic!

Cupcake Chic's Joanne Ho signed up for our Macaroons 101 Workshop on 21 May. For those of you who don't know who Joanne Ho is, she is the lady boss of Cupcake Chic, the Malaysian cupcake brand with 46,285 Facebook fans. It was an honour that Joanne came to At 19 Culinary Studio to learn more tips before the launch of their macaroons range next month.

So, don't forget when you buy and have a taste of Cupcake Chic's macaroons, you may find a bit of At 19 Culinary in it too! Alternatively, come buy macaroons from At 19 - one dozen for RM48. Absolutely yummy....Great gift for Father's Day and upcoming Hari Raya gift packs.

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  1. Please contact me as i am interested to have a personl class far macaroons... N plz ket me know., the fees fr the personal class.. Thanks