Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cook Chinese with Fresh Eyes

Cook Chinese Gluten Free (25 Jun 2016)
This is a special cooking class dedicated for those who need Gluten Free diets or need to cook for family members or children who have allergies towards grains such as wheat, oats, barley and rye. Learn simple everyday recipes which are gluten free. A simple yet delicious menu for those who need to eat a gluten free diet. cook-chinese-gluten-free

Let's Cheat Classics (16 Jul 2016)
Hmm…We love to “cheat” now and again when cooking especially if we can find an easy way out and yet able to cook great food. This is a special cooking class where you will learn how to whip up family classics like “char siew”, “chee cheong fun”, claypot chicken rice and “tau foo fa” by applying a Cheat’s cooking tactics. let's-cheat-classics

Soya Bean Goodness (20 Aug 2016)
Soya beans are high in protein and consumed by many as an alternative to meat. Soya beans are processed into many products. We all know the health benefits of soya beans but do we know how to use soya bean products in our everyday cooking to bring the goodness of soya to our family? 

Learn how to cook up interesting recipes using soya bean products. Use Tofu to make Chicken & Tofu Burgers your children will love to eat. Use Bean Curd sheets to make Vegetarian Chicken. Ever heard of using Tofu to make Mushroom Soup and Chocolate Mousse for dessert!? soya-bean-goodness

East Meets West Tea Treats (6 Aug 2016)
Learn to make Tea treats with an Asian twist. Put some craziness into your Afternoon Tea. Ever heard of Guava Crumble? What about Tofu parfait with Jackfruit? Asian Bread Pudding? Crispy Apple Pie Spring Roll? Join us for some fun in the kitchen and learn how to make absolutely crazy East meets West delicious tea treat combinations. Yummy! east-meets-west-tea-treats

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Our NEW Class Calender Sept-Dec 2016 is OUT!!

Our Sept to Dec 2016 new Class Calender is out. Pay only RM100 for 1 pax and You Get a 3-hours hands-on Baking Class. That's 50% off. Our Cooking classes are up to 30% discount. Pay only RM175 instead of RM250. Great deals not to be missed!

Check out the Class Calender on our website at Valid for a limited time only. So, hurry!!

Malaysian & Asian Cooking Classes
For this quarter, we are focusing on Malaysian & Asian cuisine. Come and join our VERY Malaysian Cooking classes from a myriad of Malaysian's favourite recipes, Nyonya delights, Kuih-Muih & Desserts, Malay Kenduri feast, Street Food and Pasar Malam Bites.

Classic Baking Classes
Choose from an array of popular Baking classes. Learn to bake Chocolate Marble & Sugee cakes, Salty Caramel Chocolate cake, Cream Puffs & Chocolate Eclairs and Tantalising Tiramisu

Special In-Trend Culinary Arts Classes
Feeling Bored with just cooking and baking classes!? Join our VERY Special Classes this quarter. Come and learn new artistic and creative culinary arts. Challenge your skills.

Do you know how to Plant Herbs and make a Terranium, how to make Soaps from Food ingredients Or how to make Cupcakes from Soap, how to make your own Baby Full Moon Gift Box, how to make Chocolate Glaze drip flawlessly down your Cake Or even how to Paint on Cupcakes?

Year End School Holiday Classes
Parent & Child and Teenagers' Boot Camp. Adults are welcomed too! Choose from Sugar & Spice Cupcakes, All about Brownies, Xmas Cupcakes. Absolutely Yummy!

For enquiries, please call us at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at

Our New May to Aug 2016 Class Calender is OUT!

Our May to Aug 2016 new Class Calender is already out. We are running a promo of up to 50% discount on our class fees. It's a Great Value deal not to be missed!

Check out the Class Calender on our website class-calender-cooking-baking. Offer for a limited time only. So, hurry!!