Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jan-Apr 2012 Class Calender is LIVE on At 19 Website

Our Jan to Apr 2012 Class Calender is LIVE on At 19 website. Go to and click on class calender. We are also having our Open Days on 3, 4, 5 Jan and 10, 11, 12 Jan 2012 (10am to 2pm).
On our Open Days, you can buy a RM160 worth of Cooking or Baking Class Voucher at only RM80 (50% discount) and you can redeem the voucher against any of our classes (except for private class or private workshop) from Jan to Apr 2012.
Our members get special privilege to get this offer first in priority before this offer is offered on Groupon website. You also get in priority line to book classes on Open Day. So, what are you waiting for? Come on over and visit us in Jan 2012. See you all soon!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

LIKE Us & WIN Contest - RM50,000 to be Won 1 Jan to 30 Apr 2012

Our target for 31 May is to have 2,012 fans on our Facebook. If you help us to get to our target, we will REWARD you. RM50,000 cash vouchers to be won.

What do you have to do to WIN a RM20 cash voucher from At 19?Simply LIKE us on Facebook. Ask your family & friends to LIKE
us on Facebook.

What is the target?If we have 2,012 Facebook fans on 30 April 2012, EVERYONE who is our Facebook fan WINS a RM20 cash voucher. So, if you are already our Facebook fan, ask your family and friends to LIKE us.

What can you do with the RM20 cash voucher?You can use the RM20 cash voucher to redeem against our Chateau Blanc macarons air flown from France. The retail price for one box of 12 pc is RM55.00. With the voucher, you only pay RM35.00 (discount of 36%). Voucher is valid for a period of 3 months from end of contest period. One voucher to redeem one box of macarons only. Voucher is not valid with any other discounts or promotional coupons.

Wait for 3 May
On 3 May, we will announce thru our blog and Facebook whether we have achieved the target of 2,012 Facebook fans. If we have achieved the target, we will give everyone, who is our Facebook fan, 2 weeks to claim the RM20 cash voucher by submitting a form to us.

So, just click to LIKE us. You don't have to do anything else until our announcement on 3 May. Wait for the announcement and wait for our instructions on submission of form on 3 May 2012.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Young Hands Master Food Photography @ At 19 Culinary Studio

At 19 Culinary Studio conducted a special kind of class on 6 Dec which inter-twines creative photography and culinary skills in a collaborative effort with Exes Photography’s ‘The All Juniors’ Programme’.
As part of the programme, young aspiring shutterbugs teens will participate in a challenge to bake, decorate and put their talents to test to capture the best photographs of their culinary and food creations and eventually getting the right techniques and professional guidance in producing food photography.

This food photography collaboration programme is an exciting and interesting experience for the teenagers because it is an entertaining school holiday programme, focusing on educating, inspiring and developing the creativity of the younger generations. Teenagers aged 13–18 years old will have the opportunity to develop their interest in photography a step further by discovering and learning the essential skills from professional photographers while having fun in shoot out challenges in various locations.

At 19 Culinary Studio, these teen enthusiasts experienced a hands-on cupcakes baking and decorating session. The theme chosen for this challenge is Underwater World where the children will create underwater world creature designs out of fondant icing under the guidance of a cake decorator. Once they have completed their creations, the kids will get a chance to learn how best to take photographs of their decorated masterpieces in a professional way.

For more enquiries on classes conducted by At 19 Culinary Studio, log on to or e-mail

Friday, December 16, 2011

Private Class: Comptel Communications - 28 Nov & 1 Dec

The cooking class for a group training cum dinner organised for Comptel Communications was fun, fun, fun. What a way to close a training session of fellow colleagues from South East Asia and Europe, all under one roof, cooking away to savour their hard work of delicious Asian dishes afterwards.

Many of the participants were from Europe and their first time to South East Asia. Boy! For first timers, they sure can take spicy. The theme chosen by their local comrades was "Asian Flavours" and the recipes were Thai Mango Salad, Nyonya Baked Fish and Tom Yam Seafood Soup!

Everyone had fun decorating their dishes to show case their best presentation for the dishes to earn brownie points from Chef Khai. Creativity ruled the day and yes, it was a fund and delicious culinary experience. Bravo Comptel!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cake of the month - Nov 2011

We just remembered that we have not been featuring our cake of the month for some time now. We have been so busy the past few months but we must tell you about our latest “Cake of the month”. Our best custom made order of the month for Nov 2011 is a very special Birthday cake for King Z!

Yeap, the request was for a Macaroons Tower Cake to celebrate King Z's birthday. The flavours chosen were pistachio (our best loved flavour), strawberry (our all time favourite) and chocolate (everyone's favourite) creating the wonderful colours of green, red and brown. The cake looks so so pretty and yummy. Have a Happy "Macaroonish" Birthday King Z from all of us At 19 Culinary Studio.

Take a peek at our Cake Creations Gallery:
For enquiries on our custom order designer cakes, please send us an e-mail: at19culinary [at]

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Private class: Chocolate Indulgence - 15 Nov

Adeline wanted to plan an enjoyable half day out, a secret getaway from the stress of work for a bunch of her colleagues to celebrate Bee Gaik's early retirement (how lucky!). OCBC Bank must be missing these girls (and guy) wondering where they were at on a hot tuesday afternoon!?

When Adeline e-mailed us. We were excited and suggested that she host a private cake baking class and we immediately came up with the idea of chocolate cakes. The girls (and guy!) learnt how to bake chocolate moist cake and chocolate marble cake. They also did a hands-on session of creaming and setting the chocolate cake with choclate ganache. Now isn't that what we call "Chocolate Indulgence"! Happy retirement Bee Gaik!

Friday, November 4, 2011

TAG Your Photo & WIN Contest - 1 Nov to 31 Dec 2011

Wanna win a box of Macaroons from At 19 Culinary Studio? Join our new contest - "TAG Your Photo & WIN" from 1 Nov to 31 Dec 2011. 19 Facebook fans with the highest number of photos tagged, wins a box of 6pcs Macaroons from us worth RM25. Good Luck to All!

The rules are simple. Here's what you have to do?

1. LIKE us on Facebook and be a FAN.

2. Go to our Facebook's Photo Album.

3. TAG yourself in as many class photos as possible.

4. Complete and submit the contest form at to inform us how many class photo(s) and which photo album(s) you have tagged yourself.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

At 19 Culinary Studio in Magazines!

At 19 Culinary Studio has caught the eye of several magazines which featured us in their recent issues. We were featured in Natural Health in March, Parenthood in April, MamiBaby in May. Magazines like Prestige and Time Out KL also featured us in their May issues.

Look out for us in the December issues of Marie Claire and Her World magazines. The MAS Inflight magazine, Going Places will also be featuring our Macaroons class as one of the must-do activities when in Malaysia! Great stuff.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fondant Cupcakes Craze

We conducted our Halloween Fondant Cupakes class on 20 Oct. Our students learnt how to bake simply delicious vanilla cupcakes. They also learnt how to make their very own fondant from scratch. We are so proud of our very very talented bunch of students. They patiently and diligently rolled, cut, slit and shaped all kinds of Halloween designs.....pumpkins, spiders, tomb stones, ugly eyes, ghosts, grave yards...!! Simply brilliant and too good to eat.

If you have are interested in learning how to make fondant and master fondant decorating, don't miss out on our Baby Shower Cupcakes class on 17 Nov and Christmas Fondant Cupcakes class on 16 Dec. Check out our class calender on our website at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Tribute to Steve Jobs

At 19 Culinary Studio is saddened by the passing of ITech icon Steve Jobs. His is a story of rags to riches and creation of history that touches our daily lives. We cannot imagine living our lives without iphones or ipads. Here is our tribute to Steve Jobs - our very own iphone fondant cake created especially to remember its creator. This is a 7" x 5" fondant cake at RM185. May Steve rest in peace!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Private Class: Asian Flavours - 25 Sept

After Cristiane visited our school on Open Day recently, she was all excited to organise a private class for her and her Brazilian friends. We got talking and the group wanted to learn some Malaysian and Thai inspired recipes like Beef Rendang, Thai Mango Salad, Satay and Peanut Sauce. They even requested for a demo on Thai Mango Stick Rice which Chef Khai kindly obliged.

Needless to say, all of them enjoyed themselves and had family and children over to savour the delicious food that they have cooked during the 3 hours hands-on class with Chef Khai. We cooked them ketupat to go with the satay and peanut sauce and they were delighted to savour another Malaysian delight. Everyone went home full and happy!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Whoopie Pies!? Ever heard of them?

Whoopie pies, ever heard of them? They do look like macaroons but they are not. Imagine a dessert that is a cross between cookie, pie and cake, all rolled into one. Whoopie pies are a dessert that consists of two cake-like cookies sandwiching a creamy, frosting-like filing.

Whoopie pies are generally thought to have originated in Pennsylvania Dutch country as an Amish dessert. According to food historians, Amish women would bake these desserts and put them in their farmer husbands' lunch boxes. When the farmers find the treats in their lunch boxes, they would shout "whoopie!".

It is easy to think of them as macaroons as they do look like macaroons. Both are sweet desserts. We At 19 think of them as the next new wave after macaroons. Come and discover Whoopie Pies! Check out our class calender at

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sept-Dec Class Calender is LIVE on At 19 Website

Our Sept to Dec 2011 Class Calender is LIVE on At 19 website. Go to and click on class calender. We are already receiving bookings. So, remember to pick your classes and book early.

Due to popular demand, we are running our 3+1 and 5+2 free class packages from 1 Sept to 31 Dec. We are also having three Open Days on 3 Sept (10am to 3pm), 4 Sept (2pm to 5pm) and 10 Sept (10am to 3pm). Visit our school on any of these dates and sign up as a member. You will get additional 10% discount on the packages and individual class bookings on Open Day are going at 20% discount. All bookings on Open Day must be paid on the same day to be entitled to the offers.

To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we are giving away our At 19 RED Apron for FREE. Find out how on our blog posting below. See everyone very soon!

Friday, August 26, 2011

FREE At 19 RED Apron worth RM29

To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we are giving away an exclusive At 19 Culinary Studio RED Apron.

1. Our early bird membership promotion - renew your membership now (you don't have to wait until expiry) and get one FREE At 19 RED Apron for every One year of membership you renew

2. Renew your membership and sign up for our 3+1 class package - Get two FREE At 19 RED Apron

3. Renew your membership and sign up for our 5+2 class package - Get two FREE At 19 RED Apron and purchase a 3rd apron for RM16 (apron is worth RM29)

4. Join as a new member and sign up for our 3+1 class package - Get one FREE At 19 RED Apron OR sign up for our 5+2 class package, you get to purchase a 2nd apron for RM16

5. Join as a new member and sign up single classes - Get to buy At 19 RED Apron for RM16

6. Sign up for our 3+1 class package - Get one FREE At 19 RED Apron OR sign up for our 5+2 class package, you get to purchase a 2nd apron for RM16

Promotion of our At 19 RED Apron is only while stocks last. So, hurry and grab this Great Deal!

TAG 19 & WIN Contest: 1 Sept to 30 Oct 2011

Look out for our new "TAG 19 & WIN" Contest running from 1 Sept to 30 Oct. Just Tag 19 of your friends on our Facebook and Win your self a RM20 e-Cash Voucher to redeem against our cooking or baking classes. It's that easy and Everyone's a WINNER.

What you have to do?

1. Go to our Facebook, Photos

2. Look for the photo album titled "Tag 19 & Win"

3. On the At 19 Logo picture, tag 19 of your friends

4. Go to our website, and fill up your particulars in the "Contact Us" form

5. In the "Inquiries/Feedback" box, put in the Facebook names of the 19 friends you have tagged and the photo number you have done the tagging. Press submit.

6. Wait for our reply and get your RM20 e-Cash Voucher to redeem against our cooking or baking classes

So, what are you waiting for? Start tagging and start winning. You may submit as many entries as you wish but the Facebook friends must be different in each entry. Each qualified entry entitles you to our RM20 e-Cash Voucher. Get clicking and tagging!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sept-Dec Promotions & Open Day

Our Sept to Dec new Class Calender will go LIVE on AT 19 website on 31 Aug. We are sending out an e-mail blast over the next few days to all our members and subscribers on the Sept-Dec promotions and Open Day dates.

We are running our 3+1 and 5+2 free class packages from 1 Sept to 31 Dec. To be eligible, please join as our member. To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we are giving away a FREE AT 19 RED Apron for those who join membership and sign up for class packages. For existing members, you will get a FREE apron too if you renew your membership or sign up for the packages.

Our Open Day dates are on 3 Sept (10am to 3pm), 4 Sept (2pm to 5pm) and 10 Sept (10am to 3pm) where we will be giving additional 10% discount for class packages if you are a member, book and pay on Open Day.

For those of you who are new to AT 19, Open Day is where you can visit our school, have a look at our facilities, enquire about classes, talk to us and enjoy great gifts, discounts and promotions. So, see everyone soon!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vote for Free Class - Winners Announcement

Our Vote for Free class contest ended on 31 July. Total votes for our 3 classes are:-
Thai Cooking class - 9 votes, Bread class - 13 votes and Macaroons class - 77 votes. You voted for our No.1 class - Mad for Macaroons! We have picked the 6 lucky winners who will attend our Mad for Macaroons class on 14 Aug (2.30pm to 5.30pm) for FREE. Yipee!! The winners are:-

1. Aieda Nami Nordin
2. Yean Goh
3. Ang Tze Chew
4. Chee Fong
5. Koh Saw Leng
6. Stewart Teo

Calling all winners. You must go to our website, go to Contact Us page, complete your details, in the Inquiries/Feedback box put in the password "Macaroons Winner" and submit. That's it. Wait for our e-mail invitation. Deadline to submit the form to be entitled to the free Macaroons class is Monday, 8 Aug 2011. Waste no time, do it now! Congratulations!

Corporate Event - MSD Malaysia - 30 July

Etaine came with her sister for our Mad for Macarons class and next thing we know she booked her team mates for a private macaroons class on 30 July. She said she enjoyed baking the macaroons so much that she wanted to do it again and she also wanted her team mates to experience the same fun as she did in her first Mad for Macaroons class. Have fun is the key word for the day as the team from MSD all don on their aprons and pulled up their sleeves to try their hands in creating that delectable sweet dessert cookie.

One of the girls, Hui Kin, was so creative that she decided to change the shape of the macaroons to a "LOVE" shape as she wanted to give the macaroons to her boyfriend as a gift. How lucky he is! Our macaroons classes are fully booked until end Aug. Our next macaroons classes are on 18 & 27 Sept. For details, e-mail us or look out for our new class calender (Sept-Dec) launching end Aug.

Corporate Event - Hewlett Packard (2) - 22 July

We had just confirmed a booking from the Hewlett Packard's finance dept for a private baking class when Margaret of Hewlett Packard's CASS dept e-mailed us for a private baking class for her comrades too. They wanted macaroons. So it was, gals and guys alike came in full force with great enthusiasm to learn how to make those sweet little dessert cookies they hear so much about. Some have bought to try whilst some have only heard of it, never tasted any.

Nevertheless, they all loved to make some macaroons to bring home to their children, wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends! Never fail as great gifts. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves especially the guys who had better piping skills than some of the girls! So again, who says men should not be in the kitchen? If you are interested to hold a private baking class for you and your team mates as a reward, a bonding-motivation session, a thank you for job well done, or just to have fun, give us a call or e-mail us:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Raya Cupcakes - Thorn amongst the Roses

We did our 2nd Hari Raya Special cupcakes class on 21 July and there he was, Hafeez who was the thorn amongst the roses. But don't judge a book by its cover. Who says men can't bake or worst still, have nimble hands to shape fondant decorations to decorate cupcakes for Hari Raya!? Hafeez indeed a patient student, very eager to learn and had very creative hands. Once he don his apron, there was no stopping him from creating his beautiful Hari Raya cupcakes. His set of cupcakes was the best decorated of the lot. Qudos to Hafeez! You made our day!

Smiley Faces at our No.1 Class

Without a doubt, Our Mad for Macaroons class is still our No.1 class. All our macaroons class are booked solid until end Aug. Looking at our photo book, we just had to feature our latest macaroons class on 19 July because the students who came were all so cheerful and smiley. Look at their smiles and joy learning how to bake those sweet delectable treats at our studio. We are doing some R&D right now to set a new trend (fingers crossed), better than macaroons that is! What can be better? Well, keep a look out for our next quarter (Sept-Dec) class calender.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cake of the month - June 2011

It’s time again for us to feature our “Cake of the month” to showcase what we consider our best custom made order cake. The Cake of the month for June is a special Birthday cake for Mrs Tan’s husband. Mrs Tan wanted a simple birthday cake decorated with all her husband’s favourite things as surprise gift for her husband. The request was golf, tennis, durian, their two dogs and desserts!

Mrs Tan was pleasantly surprised when she collected her cake and was pleased that all of her husband’s favourite things were on the cake. This is what she had to say “Look at the detailing. It’s marvelous. The detailing on the durian, even our two dogs looking like real rottweilers! Thank you At 19.” Well, another satisfied customer. We are happy when our customers are happy.

Take a peek at our Cake Creations Gallery:
For enquiries on our custom order designer cakes, please send us an e-mail: at19culinary [at]

Corporate Event - Hewlett Packard (1) - 15 July

Hazlina was very excited when she approached us to hold a corporate event for her finance dept. They wanted to do a private baking class, something different from the usual cupcakes. Macaroons….well not really!? Yes, yes….let’s do bread & pastry. That’s something different. So, we designed a special bread & pastry class for Hewlett Packard’s finance dept based on the budget that they had to spend. Hazlina was pleased with our proposal and got her boss to approve it within a week. Wow! boss Tony also like to bake eh? We could see the smile on his face when he rolled and shape the dough into buns and bread. We even had him assemble his own special cafĂ© style tart.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and so did we! Everyone sat down for tea after all their hard work to sample their own bread & pastry….with more to take home too. Oops! Forgot to mention that we threw in a competition. There were 4 groups – Muffins, Pavola, Finger Roll and Bread Cakes. They were competing for cash vouchers from At 19 and judged by 3 simple criterias. We must say that the scores were very close but there can only be one winner….Finger Roll. Hip2 Hurray! Finger Roll put on a marvelous show of teamwork, creativeness and lots of tidiness. They even cleaned out the chef’s work station…how’s that for initiative!

Well, we hope Hazlina, boss Tony and team enjoyed the event as much as we did organizing it for them. Cheers!! If you would like to organize a corporate event for your team, talk to us, e-mail:

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bridal Shower: Cupcakes in a Pot - 3 July

When Azlina approached us to hold a cupcakes baking class for her sister, Azura's bridal shower, we were delighted. The theme is Orange, Orange, Orange! The bride-to-be is crazy over anything and everything orange from fruits to colours. We quickly put on our thinking caps and came up with Orange & Poppy Seed muffins for tea, orange daisies to decorate the tables. We even brought out our new orange coloured kitchen aid mixer just for Azura!

What an event it was. All the girls arrived in their best baju and everyone looked fantastic. Of course the bribe-to-be came in orange (without a doubt) and everyone enjoyed themselves baking, chit chatting, chilling out without boyfriends and husbands. Great stuff. We wish you the very best Azura....Happliy Ever After from all of us At 19!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vote & WIN Free Class Contest: Extend until 31 July

Hey, All. Good news. We are extending our Vote & Win Free Class contest until 31 July so that more people can participate. Nope, it will not ruin your chances as we have decided to choose 3 more winners because of this extension to give people more chances to win. Yeap, now 6 lucky lucky people will be chosen from our winning class that you vote for to come and experience a At 19 FREE class.

We have 67 votes for Macaroons class, 9 votes fo Thai Cooking and 11 votes for Bread class. Looks like our Macaroons class still reign supreme! If you want to experience a Macaroons workshop and want it FREE, then LIKE us on Facebook and Vote. Good Luck!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

At 19 Custom Order Speciality Cakes

Thought we just remind everyone that At 19 Culinary also do custom cake orders for any occassion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings, corporate events, parties etc. Our speciality cakes are made to order and we can cater to requests for special designs much like Cake Boss on TLC but on a smaller scale. Prices depends on design and size of cake. Feast your eyes on our actual cake designs ordered by our customers on our Facebook, If you have an occassions coming up and need a cake, talk to us