Sunday, May 29, 2011

We want to teach the bride-to-be How To Cook? - 28 May

When Jo Ann called us to conduct a Chinese Cooking class for one of her mates who is getting married soon, we thought it was a great idea. Close friends getting together without the guys around, having fun cooking and chilling out after. The girls had great fun cutting, slicing, chopping, frying, boiling.....the list goes on. Attention was on bride-to-be, Ginny who had no difficulties mastering our recipes. Hubby's first menu is Herbal Chicken Soup (very good for health!), Marmite Chicken (great with rice), Scambled eggs with Salted fish (another great dish for rice) and Rainbow Fish Fillets (yummy!).

If you wish to host a private class, whether baking or cooking, get in touch with us,


  1. Personaly I think it is not apropriate menu for new bride to cook for husband. There are not better dishes you can offer? Saltfish not good dish for new wife to make. Sorry for say like this. Else pictures look very good and nice idea also

  2. The menu was chosen by the girlfriends of the bride-to-be. Perhaps the new groom loves salt fish!