Sunday, May 29, 2011

Attention Our Facebook Fans - 31 May

To All who are our Facebook Fans as at 31 May,

STOP PRESS!! Well done!! You have helped us achieved our target of 600 Facebook fans! Yipee! To get your e-cash voucher worth RM20 to redeem against any of our cooking/baking classes, complete our Claim Form at and submit in 2 weeks. Late submission will not be entertained. Deadline for submission is 15 June 2011.

Terms and Conditions:-
Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash or purchase of gift vouchers
Voucher is valid up to 31 August 2011
Voucher cannot be partially redeemed. Any unredeemed value will be forfeited
Voucher can be accumulated and redeemed against cooking or baking class fees
Class fee is based on non-members' fees
Accumulation of vouchers are allowed up to 20% of the non-members' class fees
Bookings and reservations are required
Class bookings are on a first come first serve basis
Voucher cannot be used a with any other discount or promotional coupons
No claims will be entertained for any voucher which has expired
Voucher is not valid without authorized stamp and signature
Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice

We want to teach the bride-to-be How To Cook? - 28 May

When Jo Ann called us to conduct a Chinese Cooking class for one of her mates who is getting married soon, we thought it was a great idea. Close friends getting together without the guys around, having fun cooking and chilling out after. The girls had great fun cutting, slicing, chopping, frying, boiling.....the list goes on. Attention was on bride-to-be, Ginny who had no difficulties mastering our recipes. Hubby's first menu is Herbal Chicken Soup (very good for health!), Marmite Chicken (great with rice), Scambled eggs with Salted fish (another great dish for rice) and Rainbow Fish Fillets (yummy!).

If you wish to host a private class, whether baking or cooking, get in touch with us,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Welcome Cupcake Chic!

Cupcake Chic's Joanne Ho signed up for our Macaroons 101 Workshop on 21 May. For those of you who don't know who Joanne Ho is, she is the lady boss of Cupcake Chic, the Malaysian cupcake brand with 46,285 Facebook fans. It was an honour that Joanne came to At 19 Culinary Studio to learn more tips before the launch of their macaroons range next month.

So, don't forget when you buy and have a taste of Cupcake Chic's macaroons, you may find a bit of At 19 Culinary in it too! Alternatively, come buy macaroons from At 19 - one dozen for RM48. Absolutely yummy....Great gift for Father's Day and upcoming Hari Raya gift packs.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Culinary Activities for the School Holidays

The school holidays are here again. A time to spend some quality time with the kids. A time to scout for fun activities to keep the kids busy. Running out of ideas?

At 19 Culinary Studio is offering the perfect solution for you and your kids this school holiday. Let the kids learn some useful culinary skills which they can use in their everyday life. There are Parent & Child cooking & baking classes are perfect bonding time with your children. Teenagers can try out the Baking Boot Camp to learn basic tips and techniques in baking cookies, cupcakes, cakes and macaroons. Younger children can express their creativity in the Sugarcraft skills class learning how to play & mould sugar clay into wonderful designs.

All classes are 100% hands-on and conducted in small groups catering to parents and children of all ages. In every class, parents & children alike will learn to use all five senses to see, hear, smell, touch and taste everything giving you and your kids a whole new learning experience in the art of cooking and baking.

Check out our website at for more details on our school holiday classes. You can book online too.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At 19 Great Discounts on

This is an opportunity not to be missed. We are participating in great discounts on 19 May. First time customers to At 19 Culinary Studio will be able to purchase Cooking & Baking Voucher worth RM160 at only RM80 (50% discount) and redeem the voucher against any one of our cooking or baking classes from 19 May until 31 Aug. The deal is on for 7 days only from 19 to 25 May after which it is no longer for sale. The deal is on.

If you are not yet a customer of At 19 Culinary Studio, this is your chance to try out our cooking and baking classes. Just go to
between 19 to 25 May, buy the voucher online and redeem at our school. It’s that simple!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fun with Bread - 14 May

Everyone arrived full of enthusiasm to make some bread on a hot Saturday afternoon. Fun with Bread was all about trying something new and have fun playing around with new bread recipes. Under the guidance of Baker Anand, students tried their hands in making Japanese melon bread which is a mixture of bread with pastry on top. Yummy, it was soft at the bottom and crusty on the top!

Students also learnt to make cake bread. What is cake bread?? Just think of bread and cake, put them together, innovate and discover the secrets of cake bread. Wanna know the secrets of making bread too? Baker Anand’s next Bread class is on 9 July. Baker Anand also teaches pastries classes. His next pastries classes are on 11 June and 13 Aug.

Mother's Day Cupcakes in a Pot for Mom - 13 May

Bravo to Michelle, Lai Fun and Marianna who joined our special class to celebrate Mother’s Day. Why buy a bouquet pot of flowers when you can make your own? Edible ones too! Our three ladies learnt to bake simple vanilla cupcakes but that’s the easy part. They also learnt how to make butter cream frosting and acquired the skill of piping flowers to decorate the cupcakes they made. Then it was flower arrangement time! The cupcakes became stalks of flowers and were arranged into a floral bouquet in a flower pot as a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day.

Aren’t they lovely? Michelle said “I surprised myself at this class. I never knew I could make something so beautiful. I am really pleased.” For more of our cupcake decorating classes, log on to our class calendar at

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Member Get Member Bargain - May to 31 Aug

Good news! At 19 is running a membership drive. Announcing our Member Get Member (MGM) Bargain. This is how it works.

Members of At 19 gets a friend to join our membership and sign up for one baking class. Your friend and you will both get 30% discount off normal class fees to attend the same baking class. Your friend can (1) apply for membership online in our website and (2) book the baking class for 2 persons online at, type in "MGM Bargain" and put both your names in the other details box. That's it and we will do the rest.

Our MGM Bargain benefits you and your friend....30% off normal class fees is a good deal. Check out our class calender

Monday, May 2, 2011

LIKE us & WIN RM20 Contest: RM12,000 to be won 1 to 31 May

Our target for 31 May is to have 600 fans on our Facebook. If you help us get to our target, we will REWARD you. RM12,000 cash vouchers to be won.

What do you have to do to WIN a RM20 cash voucher from At 19?
Simply LIKE us on Facebook. Ask your family & friends to LIKE us on Facebook.

What is the target?
If we have 600 Facebook fans on 31 May 2011, EVERYONE who is our Facebook fan WINS a RM20 cash voucher. So, if you are already our Facebook fan, ask your family and friends to LIKE us.

What can you do with the RM20 cash voucher?
You can use the RM20 cash voucher to redeem against any of our cooking & baking class fees. Voucher is valid for a period of 3 months from end of contest period.
Vouchers can be accumulated and redeem up to 20% of class fees.
Voucher is not valid with any other discounts or promotional coupons.

Wait for 1 June
On 1 June, we will announce thru our blog and Facebook whether we have achieved the target of 600 Facebook fans. If we have achieved the target, we will give everyone, who is our Facebook fan, 2 weeks to claim the RM20 cash voucher by submitting a form to us.

So, just click to LIKE us. You don’t have to do anything else until our announcement on 1 June. Wait for the announcement and wait for our instructions on submission of form on 1 June 2011.