Thursday, October 27, 2011

At 19 Culinary Studio in Magazines!

At 19 Culinary Studio has caught the eye of several magazines which featured us in their recent issues. We were featured in Natural Health in March, Parenthood in April, MamiBaby in May. Magazines like Prestige and Time Out KL also featured us in their May issues.

Look out for us in the December issues of Marie Claire and Her World magazines. The MAS Inflight magazine, Going Places will also be featuring our Macaroons class as one of the must-do activities when in Malaysia! Great stuff.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fondant Cupcakes Craze

We conducted our Halloween Fondant Cupakes class on 20 Oct. Our students learnt how to bake simply delicious vanilla cupcakes. They also learnt how to make their very own fondant from scratch. We are so proud of our very very talented bunch of students. They patiently and diligently rolled, cut, slit and shaped all kinds of Halloween designs.....pumpkins, spiders, tomb stones, ugly eyes, ghosts, grave yards...!! Simply brilliant and too good to eat.

If you have are interested in learning how to make fondant and master fondant decorating, don't miss out on our Baby Shower Cupcakes class on 17 Nov and Christmas Fondant Cupcakes class on 16 Dec. Check out our class calender on our website at

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Tribute to Steve Jobs

At 19 Culinary Studio is saddened by the passing of ITech icon Steve Jobs. His is a story of rags to riches and creation of history that touches our daily lives. We cannot imagine living our lives without iphones or ipads. Here is our tribute to Steve Jobs - our very own iphone fondant cake created especially to remember its creator. This is a 7" x 5" fondant cake at RM185. May Steve rest in peace!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Private Class: Asian Flavours - 25 Sept

After Cristiane visited our school on Open Day recently, she was all excited to organise a private class for her and her Brazilian friends. We got talking and the group wanted to learn some Malaysian and Thai inspired recipes like Beef Rendang, Thai Mango Salad, Satay and Peanut Sauce. They even requested for a demo on Thai Mango Stick Rice which Chef Khai kindly obliged.

Needless to say, all of them enjoyed themselves and had family and children over to savour the delicious food that they have cooked during the 3 hours hands-on class with Chef Khai. We cooked them ketupat to go with the satay and peanut sauce and they were delighted to savour another Malaysian delight. Everyone went home full and happy!