Monday, January 31, 2011

FREE Weekly Baking Class Giveaway is BACK!

The FREE baking class WEEKLY Giveaway is BACK by popular demand! Winners get to join a designated baking class conducted each month from Jan to Apr 2011 for free. All classes are hands on. We are selecting one winner weekly!

All you have to do is click "Like" in our facebook page: Fill in and submit the form at: to qualify for the WEEKLY draw!

If you are already a fan of At 19 Culinary, just fill in and submit the form at to qualify. Weekly winners for the month will attend class in the same month, eg: Winners in Feb will attend Feb class.

It's that Simple. Be our FAN now and walk away with a FREE baking class.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vaalentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is here! Tis the time of the year where you shower your loved ones with love. What better way to show them how much they mean to you with specially designed cakes, cupcakes or chocolates. You can mix and match combi sets at affordable prices. Members of At 19 Culinary get a 20% discount off prices.

As everything is hand-made, we close our orders once we are full. Please place your orders early. E-mail us:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy Peasy One Dough - 15 Jan

We had our first Bread making class last Saturday and the smell of freshly baked bread which filled our kitchen was incredible. Healthy deliciousness filled the air. Under the guidance of Baker Anand, the students were taught the basics of kneading dough the traditional way – by hand! Yeap, there was pushing and pulling, spreading and punching. A good workout I must say.

The students have not baked bread before and they were skeptical at first if the bread will turn out. They listened to Baker Anand in a disbelief fashion when he told them at the start of the class that “with just one dough, you can make bread, rolls and pizza”. “Cannot-lah. Not possible” were the replies. Lo and behold! The bread loaves, dinner rolls and thick crust pizza turned out fabulous. Everyone was a celebrated baker proudly showing off their prized creations.

Vivien, a first time baker, had this to say – “Anand is an excellent and patient chef. I really like this class. He has made it very easy and his teaching is slow enough to follow. Excellent!”

Baker Anand will be conducting more bread and pastries classes on 19 Feb and 12 Mar. To find out more about Anand’s classes, log on to

Macaroon Class - 11 Jan

Whilst cupcakes are still popular classes at our school, macaroon is gaining popularity amongst us who are looking for things different and new. Macaroon derives its name from the French word "macaron" which means "fine dough". According to "Larousse Gastronomique", the ultimate food encyclopedia, the macaroon originated in Venice, Italy during the Italian Renaissance. However, it is better known as a French dessert often served with coffee. Macaroons are such lovely little colourful cookies.

Rita, her children and friends arrived early on Tuesday morning to learn the basic techniques of making and baking macaroons. Needless to say, they had an absolutely fun time. Being amateurs, their macaroons were piped in circles of different sizes but nevertheless, the taste was excellent! The students liked the Green Tea flavour very much. They also learnt to make Lemon and Chocolate filings. Simply delicious!

Our next Macaroon class is on 11 and 27 Feb. To find out more, log on to

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking Classes for Men - 8 Jan

In this day and age, men are also getting their hands into cooking a meal for themselves. Cooking is after all quite therapeutic! What’s more, cooking at home is healthy and you will always have a delicious meal, no matter how simple it is. On 8 Jan, we had two brave men learning the ropes of cooking up a quick, simple and nutritious meal from Chef Bee.

The theme of the class was “Rice Cooker Chicken Rice Meal”. Both men learnt how to best use the ever faithful cannot do without piece of kitchen equipment - the Rice Cooker. The rice cooker is not only for cooking rice. Both Clarence and Alvin learnt to make the most of this wonderful invention. Lots of quick and easy meals can be done in the rice cooker.

They guys prepared the well loved claypot chicken rice using the rice cooker and accompany it with some great dishes for a fantastic meal! To find out more about our classes, log on to

One to One Class (adult) - 9 Jan

We had the privilege of conducting one to one classes for children and adults. On 9 Jan, we had young and pretty Sheryl Leong learning from Chef Khai all there is to know about poultry in the Back to Basics – Poultry class. Sheryl learnt the basics of the different parts of the chicken from how to cut it to how to cook it. Chef Khai also shared proper cleaning, chopping, slicing and deboning techniques. Sherly also learnt to cook dishes using chicken from the Escoffier recipes of the master chefs.

To find out more about our adult classes, log on to

One to One Class (children) - 30 Dec

We had the privilege of conducting one to one classes for children and adults. On 30 Dec, little Leticia, who is 8 years old, arrived at our school full of enthusiasm to start her Fun with Fondant class. The theme was “Garden”. Under the guidance of Decorator Han, Leticia learnt the basics of sugarcraft skills and created pretty and beautiful fondant plants and creatures like leaves, flowers, lady bird, bumble bee. Her creations were simply awesome and she was just esthetic to show off her completed Garden master piece to her mum, Farah Koh, when she arrived to pick Leticia home.

To find out more about our children classes, log on to

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decorate Your Own Cake - 7 Jan

Puan Siti and her girls, Maryam and Najla, who signed up for our DYO Cake class had a fun time learning proper decorating skills and techniques to create a beautiful cake. Each student had a real cake to decorate and take home afterwards to show off to their family and friends. Patience and nimble fingers ruled the day. The trio created simply sweet and divine floral themed cakes using fondant and soft pastel colours under the guidance of Decorator Han. The results were pretty amazing.

To find out more about our classes, log on to

Monday, January 3, 2011

at19 Culinary Studio: Open Day

To all culinary foodies out there. We are having an Open Day at our school on 9 Jan (10am to 3pm). It's a sunday. Lots of promotions and discounts to start off the New Year. Join our membership at RM50 for a year. Book and pay for classes on Open Day and get FREE classes. Come on over to our school and check it out! See you soon at our culinary retreat.