Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baking classes with Celebrity Bakers - Nov & Dec 2012

At 19 Culinary Studio always strives to come up with interesting ideas for our customers. A bright idea come up one day during our brain storming sessions and we thought why not have well known local bakers come and teach our customers. That was how we conceived the idea of conducting a Celebrity Bakers series.

We contacted a few celebrity bakers in town and after a few e-mails, chit-chat, we signed on Nigel of Just Heavenly and Cheng Yi aka Fat Boy Bakes. For those who do not know (shame on you!), Just Heavenly is a very popular novelty cake shop in town and Fat Boy Bakes is synonymous with delicious cakes.

If you would like to join our Celebrity Bakers series, there are 3 more classes on 24 Nov (Fat Boy Bakes), 1 Dec (Fat Boy Bakes), 9 Dec (Just Heavenly). Log on to our website class calender at for details. Seats are limited. Hurry and book. See ya soon!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yipee! School Holiday Classes

Yipee! The school holidays are here again. To some mothers, this is a time to take time off work and spend some quality time with their children. To others, this is the time when they have to scout for fun activities for their children. Skills learning is often high on the wish list for parents looking for quality activities for their children to engaged in and at the same time learn some useful skills which they can apply to everyday life.

If you are looking for something different this school holiday season, why not let your children try out their skills at cooking and baking. Knowing how to cook or bake is a survival skill vital for children in their everyday life especially when they are older and go to study abroad. Many children nowadays are spoilt to bits, they have maids to do everything for them. Surely, they need not cook or bake. But hey, you may discover a hidden talent in your children. Cooking and baking helps to bring out a child’s curiosity and hidden creativity. It also helps as a stress reliever and the shy ones usually make new friends in a class with other children.

In every class, the children will learn to use all their five senses to see, hear, smell, touch and taste everything giving them a whole new learning experience in the art of cooking and baking. For school holiday fun, check out our class calendar at

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cake of the month - Nov 2012

It’s time again for us to feature our “Cake of the month” to showcase what we consider our best custom made order cake. The Cake of the month for Nov is a special Birthday cake for Chloe. The birthday girl loves chocolates and we made her our very special Moist Chocolate cake. The chocolate ganache was oooh… so deliciously smoothen over the cake as the base for the lovely string of flowers corsage running round the border of the cake.

Have a special event coming up? Need a special cake? Take a peek at our Cake Creations Gallery: For enquiries on our custom order designer cakes, please send us an e-mail: at19culinary [at]