Friday, May 20, 2011

Culinary Activities for the School Holidays

The school holidays are here again. A time to spend some quality time with the kids. A time to scout for fun activities to keep the kids busy. Running out of ideas?

At 19 Culinary Studio is offering the perfect solution for you and your kids this school holiday. Let the kids learn some useful culinary skills which they can use in their everyday life. There are Parent & Child cooking & baking classes are perfect bonding time with your children. Teenagers can try out the Baking Boot Camp to learn basic tips and techniques in baking cookies, cupcakes, cakes and macaroons. Younger children can express their creativity in the Sugarcraft skills class learning how to play & mould sugar clay into wonderful designs.

All classes are 100% hands-on and conducted in small groups catering to parents and children of all ages. In every class, parents & children alike will learn to use all five senses to see, hear, smell, touch and taste everything giving you and your kids a whole new learning experience in the art of cooking and baking.

Check out our website at for more details on our school holiday classes. You can book online too.

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