Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Butchery, Cooking & Fine Dining Plating Classes - Chicken, Fish & Beef

These are specialised classes designed to have a focus on Butchery, Cooking and Fine Dining Plating. Cooking can be fun if the right butchery methods and tricks are practiced.

In each of these classes, a meat is chosen and you will be taught how to butcher them the right way before preparing and cooking the meat according to the recipe. You will also learn how to differentiate the use of knives and butcher steel. Hence, by practising proper knife skills, you will appreciate and enjoy the cooking session.

Finally, after completing the cooking session, you will focus on how to plate the dishes finely as seen in Fine Dining Restaurants. As they always say, the food must look as good as it tastes. Just as preparing and butchering is an essential part of cooking, plating is an essential part of the dining experience.

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Classes are now at a special promo price of RM175 per pax per class

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