Monday, June 18, 2012

IKEA's Swedecook Class: Bloggers' session - 7 June 2012

 Hey, did you all know about the IKEA Pretty Smart Kitchen Contest which ended on 14 June 2012? Yes, yes, yes, all you had to do was to e-mail a photo of your fun kitchen moments to IKEA and 10 winners will be picked. Guess what is the prize?

Hurray! a free Swedish Cooking class at At 19 Culinary Studio. Yeap, what a prize it was. We conducted the first session for IKEA's brand ambassadors who are bloggers for a first hand experience of a cooking class in our At 19 kitchen studio. Blogjunkies, David Wang and wife Pei Chyi, Kak Ina, Abang Sop, Health Freak mommy Shireen, Bitter sweet Lemon Evelyn all arrived with gusto to prepare and savour a swedish 3-course meal.

Everyone had so much fun cooking up a storm of delicious swedish food - Janson’s Temptations (traditional Swedish casarole), Poached Salmon with dill and lemon sauce and Crepes with honeyed apples and vanilla ice-cream. Yummy! Even though not a swedish!, Chef Khai conducted the cooking class with ease and experience of a top notch swedish executive chef. Look at the presentation of the finished dishes - simply fantatstic.

The 10 winners of the IKEA contest will be picked this week for a Swedecook masterchef class with Chef Khai on 1 July at At 19 Culinary Studio. The recipes to be taught are being fine-tuned. Watch out for more suprises in our next post.