Saturday, August 26, 2017

Keeping the Art of Cooking and Baking Alive (Baking and Cooking Classes)

Discover the simple science behind baking beautiful pies, classic pastries, delicious cakes and mouth-watering tarts. Ignite your passion for cooking and be inspired by new ideas with our creative classes.

Malaysia Laksa, Mee Rebus, Mee Bandung, Desserts Melaka Nyonya, Old Malaya, Italian Gnocchi, Beef Brisket, Polenta Cake, Eurasian Kristang cooking, Pie, Tart, Quiche.

We have more Cooking and Baking classes at RM161 and RM175 per class.
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Friday, August 25, 2017

Kids Baking Bootcamp (Adults are welcome too)

Baking Bootcamp for Kids. Adults are welcomed too. RM60 per class. Sign up for 1 programme x 4 classes @ RM240 per pax (Sept to Dec 2017).

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The objective is for kids or teenagers (....or baking first timers) to discover their interest and love for the culinary world. We also aim to nurture young children to learn baking skills from scratch and gradually improve these baking skills over a period of time.

Students will be taught the different tips and beginners' baking techniques. They will learn about the ingredients used in baking and begin a journey of discovering the wonderful world of sense, smell and taste.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reminiscing Local Dialect Cuisine

Chinese cooking classes - "Reminiscing Local Dialect Cuisine". For foodies who reminisced the good old chinese dialect food - Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hakka Yong Tau Foo or Hokkien Bak (Chick) Kut Teh but not able to find lessons on teaching how to cook these age old recipes.

Each class is designed to encompass accompanying dishes and condiments complimentary to the main dish to make a full meal which you can re-create at home for your family and friends. Come join us to learn how to cook these traditional Chinese dialect recipes before they become lost and forgotten.

For enquiries, please call us at 016-377 8236.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NEW Classes - Pasta from Scratch, Cooking and Fine Dining Plating

Making your own pasta dough is easy! Believe it or not. Join us on how to make plain pasta and flavoured (coloured) pasta. No pasta machine. Learn the "Knive and Ruler" method for fine results from our Chef. Cook it and plate the pasta dish finely as seen in Fine Dining Restaurants.

Just as preparation is an essential part of cooking, plating is an essential part of the dining experience. This course has 2 classes (RM175 per class). For enquiries, please call us at 016-377 8236.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Classic French Desserts Classes – Delectable and Delicious

French cuisine had influenced the world over the years with its many cooking traditions and practices. So, when it comes to desserts of the world, French pastries are a tradition.

Celebrate the tradition of classic French pastries. Come and learn half day (RM175) how to make a “Tarte Tatin” which is an upside down French tart, “Galete” which is a free form crusty cake with fillings and the very classic towering “Croquembourche”. Spend a whole day with our Pastry Chef (RM450) and learn how to do the “Opera Cake”, make “Choux Pastry – Cream Puff and Eclair” and “Banana Tart”.

Enquiries, please call us at 016 377 8236. Click here for class details - Classic French Desserts Classes

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cake of the month - August 2017

It has been a long silence on our Cake of the month posts. The last one was in Feb 2016. We lost our cake decorator in 2016 and have finally found the right person to do all our lovely cakes and cupcakes. This is our first cake order since then. Sad but true. Hope there are more cake orders to come from now. Do check out our website.

The Cake of the month for Aug is for our customer Cassie who ordered a set of 12 piece special design cupcakes as a present for her friend, Zianne's birthday. How sweet! Cassie had this to say when she came to collect the cupcakes - "Wow! This cupcakes look better than the photo I sent you". She could not decide on the flavour and we suggested red velvet since the designs were quite devil-ish. Ha2!! Happy Birthday Zianne and we hope you loved the special cupcakes.

Well, we can't be happier than to know we have made someone happy. Have a special event coming up? Need a special cake or some cupcakes? Take a peek at our Cake Creations gallery:

For enquiries on our custom order designer cakes, please call us at 016-377 8236 or send us an e-mail at We try to help fit all budgets.