Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy Peasy One Dough - 15 Jan

We had our first Bread making class last Saturday and the smell of freshly baked bread which filled our kitchen was incredible. Healthy deliciousness filled the air. Under the guidance of Baker Anand, the students were taught the basics of kneading dough the traditional way – by hand! Yeap, there was pushing and pulling, spreading and punching. A good workout I must say.

The students have not baked bread before and they were skeptical at first if the bread will turn out. They listened to Baker Anand in a disbelief fashion when he told them at the start of the class that “with just one dough, you can make bread, rolls and pizza”. “Cannot-lah. Not possible” were the replies. Lo and behold! The bread loaves, dinner rolls and thick crust pizza turned out fabulous. Everyone was a celebrated baker proudly showing off their prized creations.

Vivien, a first time baker, had this to say – “Anand is an excellent and patient chef. I really like this class. He has made it very easy and his teaching is slow enough to follow. Excellent!”

Baker Anand will be conducting more bread and pastries classes on 19 Feb and 12 Mar. To find out more about Anand’s classes, log on to

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