Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking Classes for Men - 8 Jan

In this day and age, men are also getting their hands into cooking a meal for themselves. Cooking is after all quite therapeutic! What’s more, cooking at home is healthy and you will always have a delicious meal, no matter how simple it is. On 8 Jan, we had two brave men learning the ropes of cooking up a quick, simple and nutritious meal from Chef Bee.

The theme of the class was “Rice Cooker Chicken Rice Meal”. Both men learnt how to best use the ever faithful cannot do without piece of kitchen equipment - the Rice Cooker. The rice cooker is not only for cooking rice. Both Clarence and Alvin learnt to make the most of this wonderful invention. Lots of quick and easy meals can be done in the rice cooker.

They guys prepared the well loved claypot chicken rice using the rice cooker and accompany it with some great dishes for a fantastic meal! To find out more about our classes, log on to

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