Monday, February 2, 2015

Huay Pin's Bridal Shower - 27 Dec 2014

When Tjin Ng approached us to host her sister Huay Pin's Bridal Shower, we were excited. We crossed a few e-mails and recommended a few class options that we could do for her. She finally decided on a Fondant Cupcakes Baking and Decorating - Bridal theme class. It was always nice to see old friends get together again and new ones meeting each other for the first time in a Bridal Shower.

After all the introductions and group photo (that's a must especially before class starts!), the class began with the girls baking cupcakes (some for the first time...never baked worries, you are in good hands). Cupcakes in the oven and it was time to decorate. The girls has so much fun shaping fondant into various shapes and designs that represented the bridal theme. They were so creative. Most of all, everyone bonded and had such fun baking together. Well, congratulations to Huay Pin and may this fun and happiness be the start of your Happily Ever After!!

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