Monday, February 10, 2014

Private Class: Shell Cake Wars - 29 Jan 2014

It was great to start the new year with more private class requests from Shell. Well, for this class, it was different. When Basit e-mailed us to do a fondant cake decorating competition between colleagues, we were so excited. The competition was aptly named "Cake Wars".

The Shell team arrived not knowing what to expect and they told us that they knew nothing about cake decorating nor how to work with fondant. We ran a 30 minutes quick session on fondant cake decorating - from how to colour fondant, how to roll fondant to cover a cake, how to shape fondant and use the utensils to create various designs to decorate their cakes.

Wow! The Shell team did learn fast and we were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. They made wonderfully creative fondant designs for their cakes. The girls vs the guys. They guys did great by shaping fondant free-hand into a Ferrari sports car! The girls on the other hand made use of the utensils to do all sorts of shapes and designs to decorate their cakes. The results were awesome!

Everyone had a fun time and could not wait to show off their creations. What a great way to bond with team mates and spend time away from work. If you would like to do a team building event, give us a call at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at We can help you fit any budget.

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