Monday, January 7, 2013

Private Class: BASF - 20 Dec 2012


Paul, Jeremy and colleagues from BASF decided to engage in a cooking class for a team get together session. They choose "Cooking British" as their theme. They learnt how to whip up classic British dishes - Scotch Eggs, Lamb Sheppard's Pie and Bread & Butter Pudding. Chef Khai took the class thru the rudiments, dos and dont's of british cooking especially food presentation where the dishes must look and taste great!

There was great bonding time between peers and managers when they sat down to savour their hard earned dinner. Chef Khai plated all the dishes for dinner and they sure looked amazingly delicious. Everyone had a great time. If you would like to organise a private class for your family, friends or your company, do get in touch with us. We have a variety of classes to suit your requirements and budget. Call us at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at19culinary [at]

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