Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kids Birthday Party

Just look at all those smiling faces. We hosted a little girl's birthday party at our studio recently and she invited her friends over for an all girls' baking and cupcake decorating session. There were lots of chit chattering, fun, kids telling each other what to do - "do it this way, not that way", "teacher, teacher how do you....?" The girls created their animal zoo designs using fondant under the guidance of cake decorator Yee Laine. The girls' decorated their cupcakes with handmade hippo, elephant, snake and birds. Great stuff! Master little chefs in the making!

Interested to do a kids' birthday party with us, call us at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at19culinary@yahoo.com


  1. What a fabulous party....I see that children's bday party where EVERYTHING must be home made! And the results with natural colors are nothing less than vibrant! I love all the pictures & videos I think you should create a photo mug with that picture of baby. I am sure it will looks so pretty & unique.

    Anyways thanks for this wonderful story Loved it!!!!!

  2. Dear Julian,
    Glad you liked the photos. It was indeed a fun loving party. All the gals had a great time baking and decorating their masterpieces!