Friday, December 16, 2011

Private Class: Comptel Communications - 28 Nov & 1 Dec

The cooking class for a group training cum dinner organised for Comptel Communications was fun, fun, fun. What a way to close a training session of fellow colleagues from South East Asia and Europe, all under one roof, cooking away to savour their hard work of delicious Asian dishes afterwards.

Many of the participants were from Europe and their first time to South East Asia. Boy! For first timers, they sure can take spicy. The theme chosen by their local comrades was "Asian Flavours" and the recipes were Thai Mango Salad, Nyonya Baked Fish and Tom Yam Seafood Soup!

Everyone had fun decorating their dishes to show case their best presentation for the dishes to earn brownie points from Chef Khai. Creativity ruled the day and yes, it was a fund and delicious culinary experience. Bravo Comptel!

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