Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Fondant Cupcakes Craze

We conducted our Halloween Fondant Cupakes class on 20 Oct. Our students learnt how to bake simply delicious vanilla cupcakes. They also learnt how to make their very own fondant from scratch. We are so proud of our very very talented bunch of students. They patiently and diligently rolled, cut, slit and shaped all kinds of Halloween designs.....pumpkins, spiders, tomb stones, ugly eyes, ghosts, grave yards...!! Simply brilliant and too good to eat.

If you have are interested in learning how to make fondant and master fondant decorating, don't miss out on our Baby Shower Cupcakes class on 17 Nov and Christmas Fondant Cupcakes class on 16 Dec. Check out our class calender on our website at

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