Thursday, June 9, 2011

At 19 Father's Day Event - 5 June

It was a lazy sunday morning on 5 June. Everyone was still in bed when we were setting up our stuff for the Father’s Day event. At 19 Culinary Studio in partnership with Parenting2u organized a Father’s Day event at our school’s premised and there were lots of activities. Parents and children started arriving from 10.30am and the event ended around 1pm with a delicious sumptuous lunch for everyone.

The kids were thrilled with Auntie Angie’s story telling of mermaids and pirates. Clown Jelly was busy twisting and making toy balloons for our eager little angels. There was tattoo painting as well and the kids had them on their faces, hands and any other body parts you can imagine! The adults were treated to cooking and baking demo workshops. There were also talks by Dr Alvin Ng on Parent & Child Bonding whilst Mr How chatted on Nurition for Children. Parents gained wonderful insights into these two interesting and close to heart topics. It was indeed a day of fun and laughter.

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