Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Corporate Event - Hewlett Packard (1) - 15 July

Hazlina was very excited when she approached us to hold a corporate event for her finance dept. They wanted to do a private baking class, something different from the usual cupcakes. Macaroons….well not really!? Yes, yes….let’s do bread & pastry. That’s something different. So, we designed a special bread & pastry class for Hewlett Packard’s finance dept based on the budget that they had to spend. Hazlina was pleased with our proposal and got her boss to approve it within a week. Wow! boss Tony also like to bake eh? We could see the smile on his face when he rolled and shape the dough into buns and bread. We even had him assemble his own special cafĂ© style tart.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and so did we! Everyone sat down for tea after all their hard work to sample their own bread & pastry….with more to take home too. Oops! Forgot to mention that we threw in a competition. There were 4 groups – Muffins, Pavola, Finger Roll and Bread Cakes. They were competing for cash vouchers from At 19 and judged by 3 simple criterias. We must say that the scores were very close but there can only be one winner….Finger Roll. Hip2 Hurray! Finger Roll put on a marvelous show of teamwork, creativeness and lots of tidiness. They even cleaned out the chef’s work station…how’s that for initiative!

Well, we hope Hazlina, boss Tony and team enjoyed the event as much as we did organizing it for them. Cheers!! If you would like to organize a corporate event for your team, talk to us, e-mail:

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