Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vote for Free Class - Winners Announcement

Our Vote for Free class contest ended on 31 July. Total votes for our 3 classes are:-
Thai Cooking class - 9 votes, Bread class - 13 votes and Macaroons class - 77 votes. You voted for our No.1 class - Mad for Macaroons! We have picked the 6 lucky winners who will attend our Mad for Macaroons class on 14 Aug (2.30pm to 5.30pm) for FREE. Yipee!! The winners are:-

1. Aieda Nami Nordin
2. Yean Goh
3. Ang Tze Chew
4. Chee Fong
5. Koh Saw Leng
6. Stewart Teo

Calling all winners. You must go to our website, go to Contact Us page, complete your details, in the Inquiries/Feedback box put in the password "Macaroons Winner" and submit. That's it. Wait for our e-mail invitation. Deadline to submit the form to be entitled to the free Macaroons class is Monday, 8 Aug 2011. Waste no time, do it now! Congratulations!


  1. So happy to see my name here. But I've just logged in now. Hope it is not too late for me to register.

  2. Keep a look out for our new Contest in Sept. Guaranteed to make you smile!