Friday, December 27, 2013

Private Class: Shell - 16 Dec 2013

Boy! At the last count, we have conducted a handful of team building sessions for Shell at our studio. Word must have quickly gone round to the various departments after we conducted the first team building class. We must have had the thumbs up from those who have come and thus recommended to their other departments to do likewise.

Jacelyn co-ordinated this team building class and as usual, we are used to requests to pack in all sorts of stuff within their budget. No problem, we do the best we can to accommodate. After some phone calls and e-mails, we finally settled in on a fondant cupcake baking and decorating session. This is our most popular team building pick.

Everyone arrived very excited and hey, they were so creative - they made their own aprons. This wowed us as their pretty floral aprons were amazing, complete with each of their names on it. It was fun time as everyone baked and later got down to decorating their cupcakes, making their own free style "What makes them happy cupcakes". There were rainbow, flowers, xmas tree, gift boxes, Channel logo, Japanese shusi, Smiley face and even LV bags!

Everyone was so happy with their creations and could not wait to show them off to their family. What a great way to bond with team mates and spend time away from work. If you would like to do a team building event, give us a call at 016-377 8236 or e-mail us at We can help you fit any budget.

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